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We deliver Precision Engineered and Consistent Quality Products to Customers at Fair Cost, with quickest delivery anywhere in the international market. Every Conveyor Elevator Chains and products manufactured by us is integrated with finest quality as multiple stringent tests and checks are done on it. We follow the value of Collaborative Growth to progress at a steady pace with high level of continuity to achieve Engineering Excellence.


Our mission is to be the most professional and authentic Engineering Excellence solution provider. Also, we try to set an example of Core Engineering, Fine Technicality, Global Recognitions, and Modern Mechanisms in offering a host of techno-commercial solution at the international level. In the coming years, we want Tripcon Engineering Pvt. Ltd. to be the face of India at the international front.
Product Range

We are manufacturing, trading, wholesaling/distributing and exporting the following products:

  • Conveyor Elevator Chains: Bushed Roller Chains, Bushed Chains, Driving Chains, Hollow Pin Type Chains
  • Transmission Roller Chains
  • Stacker Reclaimer Chains
  • Apron Feeder Conveyor Chains
  • Bucket Elevator Chains for all casing sizes with variety of attachments
  • Coal Conveyor Chains
  • Heavy Duty Driving Chains (Crank Link Type)
  • Lime Stone Scrapper Reclaimer Chains for different load/size
  • Drag Chains (Bulk Flow), Reddler Chains and their Sandwich Type Sprockets
  • Coal Scrapper Chains with Variety of Attachments
  • Lime Stone  Paver Chains for various machines (e.g. Apollo, Unipave, Bitelli, Blawknox, Titan, Vogele)
  • Steel Driving Chains (3.075'' Pitch, 4.063'' Pitch, etc.).


The central premise of our company is "Optimum Quality Services" facilitating material handling solutions in any environment. Our know-how at Tripcon Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is to capitalize on our product design and engineering expertise to provide Conveyor Elevator Chains and their services in order to snap up the leading position in the industry. The objective of our company is to offer Conveyor Elevator Chains, Transmission Roller Chain, Coal Conveyor Chains that can cater to the industrial and commercial applications with the excellent potential, hence helping us notch up the fast growth and obtain large market share in countries that offer the greatest prospect and profit.


The quality of products and their reliability in application for a longer time are the primary building block of the growth and success of the company. Downgrade in quality can jeopardize the challenge-taking efforts, obviate regulatory conformity or decrease customer satisfaction. To make sure that our Conveyor Elevator Chains and solutions stand up to the test of time. Tripcon Engineering Pvt. Ltd. applies ingenious quality-control framework and minutely validates every aspect of products. Our quality-management is based on the stringent validation methodology to manufacture superior-quality, defect-free solutions. Our Chains including Conveyor Elevator Chains and Sprockets are designed in line with several international standards like ISO, BSS, ASA, Russian etc. Therefore, we make sure of the functional reliability, efficiency and stability of the systems. Such is achieved through the integration of risk-based testing, processes analysis and strong management. Tripcon is dedicated to meet the quality requirements, through the following:
  • Creating Quality as the standard of the company
  • Ascertaining Client Gratification through finest grade chains and sprockets
  • Training the employees as it directly affects the standards of products and services of the company
  • Distribution of Quality Policy throughout the company


Our infrastructural set-up is essentially a perfect integration of specialized technology and engineering efficiency. Our manufacturing plant is powered by cutting-edge technology and advanced special-purpose machinery. The state-of-the-art manufacturing system is supported by a highly committed marketing team. All the production units are supervised by technocrats as well as industry specialists. We have developed a well managed and equipped tool rooms along with hi-tech machines. Our capacious storehouse enables us to meet unforeseen demands of the clients arising due to high popularity of our offered range. The monthly production capacity of the company is 10000 meters of specially designed application chains.

Our Technology

We rely on the latest technology to manufacture conveyor elevator chains. Material cutting, machining, grinding, borehole, quench hardening, and assembly are some processes with yield high precision and top performance chains, with best round & flat components. Further, the material used in their production are plates, flat bars, and round bars made of best grade steel. CNC SPMs are used to carry out the cutting and machining operations on the products. Further, the conveyor chains for elevators and all other products are passed through heat treatment in innovative and modern furnaces. To match the quenching technology of the Tripcon Engineering Pvt. Ltd., the processes of hardening and carburizing are also done.

The round components go through tempering and hardening processes, after which grinding is done for reducing the friction amidst pans and mating parts of equipment.
Chain parts are assembled using power presses. This procedure is done to lengths, depending on client's requirements.

Research and Development

Tripcon Engineering Pvt. Ltd. has always believed in persistent growth and best possible values to its customers. In line with this, Technology Upgradation and Product Development has always been given top priority. We leverage of our research and development to drive our business and become the jack of all trades in the domain of Conveyor Elevator Chains and other products. As a result of R&D, Tripcon introduced a series of chains in 2011. These chains had quality assured wearing parts, which were passed through induction hardening process that increased its life span. These high quality products helped us in booming business in local, domestic and global markets, with recurring orders.

Few Highlights

  • In the last three years, we have created a team of creative and talented designers, who offer alternative and efficient product designs to resolve their issues of elongated breakdowns related to conveyor chains and sprockets.
  • The products are developed with aesthetic looks, wherein surface finishing as well as packaging are kept as main criteria.

Our Team

We boast of our team, which has huge combined experience and utmost dedication to deliver excellence in terms of good tensile conveyor elevator chains and allied products. With their support, we ensure to increase the productivity and sustain high quality standards. In line with this, the chains are packed using a number of material such as poly bags, separate boxes and wooden cases. All these processes are handled and supervised by our team, which has become the foundation of our company.

To Whom We Sell

The products, offered by us, are widely appreciated in the markets worldwide due to strict attention to the preferences and specifications of our customers. Our products are highly popular in varied sectors such as Paper Mills, Road Construction Equipments, Cement and Steel Plants, Oil Extraction Plants and Coal Mines. Few of our major clients are as follows:-
  • Shriram Inds
  • Essar Steel
  • SESA Goa
  • Prestige Alpine
  • Vippy
  • Premier
  • Ishar
  • Ruchi
  • J.K. Cement Ltd.
  • Appolo Group of Industries
  • Anjali Cement.

Global Network

In addition to all states and cities of India, we have established our presence in many countries as well. Some of these are Bahrain, Germany, Indonesia, Kenya, Myanmar, Nepal, Syria, Turkey, and Uganda.

Organizational Values


  • We aim to comprehend and foresee the needs of clients so that these can be exceeded in tune suitably
  • We are dedicated to provide all-inclusive modern value added solutions to customers
  • We always look for better ways to serve our customers best


  • At Tripton, we foster quality as an attitude
  • We maintain Quality Centric Approach to Every Business Aspect
  • Quality is our Passion and we work to improve it further with teamwork

ENCOURAGE INNOVATION and CREATIVITY to DRIVE 3 P's (People, Processes, Products)

  • Leadership is demonstrated by the implementation of innovative and advanced technologies, production techniques, increased customer support, glorious management, and applying the best practices in company from the most initiate level
  • We are resolute to pursue new business along with added extra value to our clients with ingenuity.
  • Positive spirit and approach of every team member ensures company's improvement as well as progress.
  • Whenever a new opportunity presents itself, we use our full potential to capitalize on it and live up to the challenge
  • From grass root level, encouragement and inspiration of our people is a regular practice


  • As our people are the priceless asset of the company, we give them shared responsibility to complete our mission.
  • The expectation level & challenges are set by us and we inspire, empower our people to meet those.
  • Every employee is treated with courtesy and dignity.
  • With our stakeholders, we nurture enduring and mutually beneficial relationships
  • The value addition and good performance of every individual is appreciated by us.


We work smartly with commitment, conviction, integrity, and passion.
We promote harmony between our team and so we emphasize on open communication and respecting individual ability. Whenever there is individual success, the team success automatically follows.
All the policies, procedures, and system of our company are respected and adhered by everyone.
We stay abreast with the rules, regulations, and compliance factors applicable to our business at the global level
The cultures and values of the communities are respected.

Safety Policy

When it comes to the safety and health of its personnel, then Tripcon is the company to talk about. We are dedicated towards the safety and health of every employee & we implement following points:

  • Every activity of our business is integrated with health and safety measures
  • Every activity is in compliance to legal and other needs of our company
  • Persistent improvement of the safety performance with the following of right practices and also with the education of employees as well as business associates, whenever the need persist

Our Safety Policy is communicated to every personnel. It is also made available to the interested people as well as to public, wherever applicable.

Environmental Policy

Tripcon is a responsible corporate and is devoted towards preserving the environment. In fact, we have made environmental protection our main priority via:

Persistent and uniform improvement of our processes as well as products in tune with the environmental performance; ensuring no pollution at various stages, as applicable
  • Completely following the regulated environmental norms and standards.
  • Perfect and efficacious use of resources of fuel, oil, energy and water etc.
  • Rigorous processes of reducing the waste & packaging material and recycling it.
  • Supporting the implementation of eco-friendly technologies for the elimination of application of hazardous material.
  • Encouraging environment preservation message among our employees, business associates and all stakeholders

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